Кафе & Десерти магазини

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Ashraf, Bhanu and Pankaj

Ashraf Bhanu and Pankaj is one of the cafes serving delicious world world beside the hookah and various drinks


مطعم دوم يقدم تشكيلة مميزة من أنواع المطابخ كافيه,حلويات,فطور و يقدم خدمة توصيل الطعام مميزة إلى العديد من المناطق داخل البحرين.

Café Lilou

Café Lilou offers a wide range of freshly made pastries and desserts, the menu offering innovative salads and sandwiches offering bread

Suwalif Traditional Coffee Shop

Karak time

The time of Karak is one of the most important global cafes that offer all cold and hot beverages beside Argilh and other


Maalikis is a café that serves all kinds of sweets like cakes and other

Kirk El Naimi

مقهى شعبي يقدم الافطار و المشروبات والعصائر الطازجة

Choco Chuck

Chuck Choco is a store that specializes in selling all types of chocolate with multiple products

Petalo Cafe Boutique

Al Athem Karak

Al Athem Karak is cafeteria offering all hot drinks like tea with all its flavors and fed by light breakfast sandwiches

Mode Cafe

Maud enough is one world cafes offering hookah primarily by various snacks and drinks

Tea Club

مقهى عالمي يقدم المشروبات و الحلويات العالمية في أجواء مناسبةو رفاهية

Fedora Coffee

Café serving hookah and drinks all in excellent service and nice place

Cine Cafe

The Cine Café brand has been created in Bahrain to fit with the unique style of combining tradition, futurism, and most importantly professionalism, quality and safety to an exceptional standard which meets the needs of our customers.

Caribou Coffee Al Reem center

مقهى يقدم الحلويات الغربية والمشروبات الساخنة في الهواء الطلق داخل الريم سنتر

Al Bindaira Cafe

Al Bindaira Cafe is an exciting Middle Eastern cafe that blends the traditional sheesha coffee shop with quality food, service and atmosphere.